A deep history in the arts

Mitchell and Catie have been a creative team for more than 25 years, producing over a thousand  documentaries. Last year their films helped vulnerable clients recover more than the domestic receipts of Barbie and Oppenheimer combined.

Before starting LifeNow, Mitchell & Catie produced theatre. They founded Camilla's Theatre Gallery, won a National Pen Award, and produced or co-produced over 50 live events off-off and off Broadway. Together they moved four plays Off Broadway in their first two years of existence. They worked with producers like Mike Nichols, Elaine May, Julian Schlossberg, Ira Pittleman, and Casey Childs.
     As co-founders of Life Now Studios, Mitch & Catie have focused their vast experience in the arts to develop a premier civil justice film studio. They were called to this work, through a life-long study of empathy and storytelling. "This has been the most rewarding work of our careers without a doubt. Our whole lives lead us to this." says Mitchell. Catie says "Like most artists, we seek vulnerability. We fall in love with every one of these people. Helping them tell their story is an honor we want to earn every day. This is the best job in the world."
     As a filmmaker, Mitchell has taught at NYU, Stony Brook University, Manhattan Edit Workshop, NY Film Academy, Future Media concepts and served as a Director of The School of Cinema and Performing Arts. Mitchell has worked in film as director, actor, producer, director of photography, editor and gaffer.
     As a classically trained actor, Mitchell Riggs was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his acting/writing work for the film KaaterSkills Falls. He is a graduate of the UNC School of the Arts and The New York Times once credited him with "The perfect performance of a perfect scene". Mr. Riggs also co-founded two other theaters in New York City: Signature Theatre Company, and Manhattan Theatre Source.
     As a service to the trial lawyer community, Mitchell has presented Pro Bono at the Inner Circle of Advocates, the AAJ, the NJAJ, the DCTLA, CTLA, MDTLA the New Hampshire TLA, Seattle TLA. He has worked closely with trial consultants across the nation including Rodney Jew, Malekpour & Ball and the Act of Communication


Catie Zambri-Riggs

Catherine Zambri Riggs is a classically trained Actor, Director, Producer and Voice Over Artist in New York. Her voice can be heard in many popular video games. As a playwright she has six published plays that have seen production in New York. She is a co-founder of the award winning Camilla's Theatre Gallery and is a founding member of Manhattan Theatre Source. Catie was chosen as a young director to watch at the Lincoln Center Director's Lab. As an actress, Catie has been seen on TV favorites such as Law and OrderLaw and Order SVU, Third Watch, The feature film "212" (Sundance)and most recently starred in the award-winning short film, A Conversational Place. Catie was assistant casting director for Supranos and numerous other TV programs. She has produced two full-length feature films and numerous shorts and corporate industrials. She is a graduate of the prestigious Drama program at Syracuse University and has studied internationally with the Moscow Art Theatre. Catie is also a trained Yoga instructor and mindfulness educator. Catie filmmaking work for "SeeHer" has been featured on the Critic Choice Awards three years in a row.