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"LifeNow turned our case into an experience."

At LifeNow, this is all we do. Our expert mediation optics have helped recover over a billion dollars in settlements for our clients. Over 500 winning cases. We consult for free.


Call us. Let's talk about your case and the nature of your film. When you're ready to start, we'll bill you a retainer, and place you into our production 

calendar. It's that simple. We film all over the country - internationally too.


We shoot documentary style. Our interview approach is the opposite of a deposition - it is more of a recorded conversation. We have a very small

footprint, usually one or two people. We spend time. We have hearts. We care. It shows.


Delivery times are typically three weeks after filming wraps. Your rough cut is delivered online, with password protection and mark-up tools to allow us to collaborate, which is at the core of what we do. We love your notes. We edit until you're happy. 

The Heart of Your Case

Your Case in Documentary Form


Settlement Documentaries will help maximize your damages during mediation. Our stories go beyond your typical Day-in-the-Life footage used for litigation. They build a case using your visual tools. Depositions, animations, photographs, home video, 911 calls are edited into a compelling settlement documentary film to maximize your damages and illustrate the defendants wrong-doing. These films show the extent of a plaintiff’s harms and losses in ways that no other form of evidence can. We watch movies differently than we read briefs. It's just the way humans are wired. Far better than descriptive words or still photographs, documentaries let the mediator, opposing counsel, the defendant, and the insurer, see, hear, and feel the whole story in a compelling and accurate manner.

Maximize your damages. Move beyond words.

Mitchell Riggs
Co-Director - NY
Catie Zambri Riggs
Co-Director - NY
Leo Pfeifer
Editor / Cinematographer - Seattle
Joe Stickney
Editor - Brooklyn
Jon Ecklund
Editor - Charlotte

"The entire team has a deep history in the arts, and they love this work."


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