Why a Settlement Documentary?

Your Case in Documentary Form

In the beginning of negotiations for any big settlement, the first thing to go out the window is the personality of your client. Discussions can move to fault, policy limits, and statistics very quickly. The only way to keep your client in the discussions is by entering a film that represents their Life Now, since this harm occurred. 

Settlement Documentaries will help maximize your damages during mediation. Our stories go beyond your typical Day-in-the-Life footage used for litigation. They build a case using your visual tools. Depositions, animations, photographs, home video and 911 calls are edited into a compelling settlement documentary film to maximize your damages and illustrate the defendants wrong-doing. These films show the extent of a plaintiff’s harms and losses in ways that no other form of evidence can. We watch movies differently than we read briefs. It's just the way humans are wired. Far better than descriptive words or still photographs. Documentaries let the mediator, opposing counsel, the defendant, and the insurer, see, hear and feel the whole story in a compelling and accurate manner.

Maximize your damages. Move beyond words.

Email Catie for a sample. Describe your case. We will send you a password protected sample right away of some of our work.