What to wear

We know this can be a big consideration for those about to sit in front of our camera, so here are some things to ponder:

*We usually recommend against hats. They will block the light for your eyes and are not recommended.

*Avoid small print or weaves. It can shimmer on camera and be distracting. This is most severe in ties and scarves.

*Avoid shirts with writing. The writing can appear to be a comment on your interview.

*Avoid big distracting jewelry. We will be looking at the shiny things and not your eyes.

*Avoid Noisy bracelets. This is a biggie because the noise they make will not be apparent until we edit.

*Blue is best color on video, Generally red is worst. Black and white are fine (in my opinion.)

*Generally, it's better to avoid glasses if you can (if you wear contacts). This is not a big deal, but without glasses, we have more options for lighting and interview locations.

(Here is A video we made about 10 years ago. we don’t look like this anymore):