Nursing Home cases

Filming in Nursing Homes takes time to plan

Make sure clearance is approved before booking time in a nursing home or rehab center. Not only do other patients need to be removed from the filming area (if they don't trust us to frame them out), but staff and legal will sometimes want individual personnel clearance, and may even need to provide a representative to follow the videographer. 

Family can be helpful liaisons for a difficult center. Most places are willing to help, but need to spend time to navigate their HIPAA regulations carefully.

Also - we like to tell the facility that we mostly film the hands of the caretaker. We are not there to evaluate their staff. Our subject is the person receiving the care, not the ones giving care. We are filming the need for care and the scope of it, not the homes ability to provide care.

Days of therapy are best. In many cases, we like to see your plaintiff working towards improvement. Remember also that family attendance is recommended whenever possible.