Filming a Prosthetic

Very Specific Filming

Prosthetic filming has unique considerations that are different than other LifeNow® films.

So much misunderstanding exists about what a prosthetic limb is and does. Most people think you get your new limb and sign up for the Olympics. 

The truth of the pain and variability of any amputation needs to be explained in order to fully appreciate. We need to discuss the initial fittings and design of the limb, the problems that arose during development, and where we are in the progression of the support. ie: where does it still hurt?

What are some of the changes that are still taking place in the day-to-day use of the limb? How many limbs are currently had and how many are still needed?

Also stump care: swelling, neuropathies, skin care, compression socks, thickness spacers, weight gain.

And, of course, back pain and deterioration.

Finally, your settlement documentary is well-served to have a quick interview with a prosthetic specialist to help us understand the variability of the amputation over time, and what the future unpredictabilities are in store for your plaintiff.