Things to consider about a day in the life film

Since we will be spending a day together, it's best to clear your clients schedule for the day. Starting early morning is often most useful. We will be creating one of the most important pieces of information for your case so we want make sure our time is well spent. We’ve made a simple checklist to help you plan for the day:

  • Pets often enjoy the attention of a new person in the house. While we are pet people,  pets can work against us when we are trying to get the best footage for your trial. It’s a good day to send the pets to pet camp or for a play date. 
  • Small children in the house should be acknowledged as a part of the film if they are present. We will be filming their need for care as well as your needs if they are in the house. 
  • No extra help. There should be no more or less people present than are present in a normal day for your plaintiff. 
  • Therapy days work great. As we consider the best day to film, a day with therapy is often the best use of our time because we can clarify (with a therapist's guidance) how the physical damage is manifest. Make sure your therapist agrees to the filming. They will not be the subject of the film and we are not intending to evaluate the quality of their care - just the need for it. If your client is suffering from cognitive difficulties, then occupational therapy day is also very useful. 
  • Clearances. If we are filming in a facility, remember that clearance will need to be handled by you the attorney. We have quite a bit of experience filming in facilities and understand the importance of privacy for the other patents present, however many facilities need written confirmation that we understand the rules and are willing to follow the rules before we shoot. The attitude about this really varies from facility to facility so give yourself some time to get this cleared.
  • Audio. The audio we record if often very useful. The sound of health machinery and lifesaving equipment can be excellent for setting the tone of your plaintiff’s existence. However, anything that can be considered testimony can be the subject of objection. We discourage any legal discussion of the case on this day, even in other rooms. Attorneys are always welcome to LifeNow shoots, but we encourage you to make sure you take phone calls outside and speak to family members about the progression of this case out of earshot. Removing the sound from any shoot is super easy, and we are happy to do it, but often we are sacrificing a useful tool in your arsenal for the sake of casual conversation. Our goal is to provide you with best tools we can in the short time we have.
  • Privacy. We often remind your client that we do not make claims of ownership on this footage; just because we shoot it, does not mean it is public. Their footage will always be private unless you both decide otherwise. We maintain password protection of the footage unless the client or the plaintiff requests other means of delivery.