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 Mitchell and Catie: You must understand that we tell EVERYONE THAT THEY SHOULD BE USING YOU. I get thrilled every time I see one of your amazing pieces that you do."

Katherine JamesAuthor- Havesting Witnesses StoriesAAJ Press

 It's so critical....who's asking the questions....each Plaintiff is different. Each plaintiff's harm is different... So if you've only got one shot at doing this, you want to get the best shot by using someone like LifeNow video. I don't mean someone like, I mean, by using LifeNow Video."

Rodney JewRodney Jew - Trial ConsultantRodney Jew

 Catie and Mitchell, this is brilliant. Such elegant storytelling. You are simply the best at what you do."

Alan BlumenfeldAdvocacy ConsultantAct Of Communications

 This video is a 10 out of 10. It does everything I needed it to do. Thank you for working so hard for us and this family."

Josh KoskoffKoskoff Koskoff & Beider

 ​First let me compliment you guys - this is an amazing cut. The interviews were remarkably well done, and quality of the film was top notch. This is going to be very powerful in our mediation."

Angelo A. ZiotasSilver Golub & Teitell

 ​Mitchell, I need to tell you, you and Catie are very good at what you do. This video changes the very nature of this case. Thank you. We are quite pleased with this work"

Rick SilverSilver Golub & Teitell

 Mitchell & Catie - the video is awesome! The mediator was very impressed. We settled the case!"

Michael KoskoffEsq, Producer of the film "Marshall"Koskoff Koskoff & Beider

 The case settled at an outstanding number. As you know, these were two very deserving clients, so we are thrilled. You guys gave them (and their family, friends, and doctors) the voice they deserved at mediation. Thank you again for all your hard work."

Regan Zambri LongChristopher J. Regan

 I'm crying right now. I know that James will appreciate what you have done as much as I do. I don't know how to thank you."

Victor LongRegan Zambri Long

 LifeNow video has set a new standard. I would never go to a mediation in any large case without the benefit of a settlement video. Mitchell and Catie Riggs are the best in the business."

Salvatore ZambriRegan Zambri Long

 Catie & Mitch, This film is just beautiful, as expected. You captured this case perfectly. Thanks so much, Sandra."

Sandra H RobinsonThe Cochran Firm

 ​Just saw the complete video. Really like the look of it and the way that it gives one insight into who she is as a person! You are a video whisperer."

Karen E Evans.jpgCochran Firm

 The largest medical malpractice settlement in my career…The settlement video was a huge factor in our ability to obtain a very significant settlement in this case…Our Mediator was incredibly impressed by the video."

Patrick ReganRegan Zambri Long

 This video is ​very professionally done and effective. Excellent."

Patrick MalonePatrick Malone law

 Mitchell and Catie --- that is so so so amazing. You really captured it all! I cannot thank you enough on behalf of this client. WOW. I am honored to know you."

Catherine D. BertramBertram Law Group

 For a case like this I would always call you first. Thanks again for your work. The film is truly outstanding."

Christopher T. NacePaulson & Nace

 Powerful. Just powerful. That really moved me. Great Job. You two are really special. Thank You."

Timothy GardnerGardner Trial Attorneys

 I'm sitting here in the cafe of a generic office building waiting to walk in to the mediation for (my client's) death. I just watched the video again. My heart hurts and I am speechless. But you have spoken for us. There is very little left to say today. Thank you. You did good."

Nelson TyroneTyrone Law

 Hi Catie. This is amazing. You all hit it out of the park as always, but the fact you did it remotely is amazing. The video interviews and cell phone footage has a very real, raw quality to it."

Daryl ChampionThe Champion Firm

 Mitchell and Catie, the film is just fantastic. This clarifies so much in this case. Thank you for all your hard work for us and for this wonderful family."

Gerald CodyMcDonald and Cody

 Always a win with you and Catie. We’ve hit eight figures, & counting. Get ready for the next case."

Gus McDonaldMcDonald and Cody

 I thought you would like to know - recently we reached a partial settlement in the 7 figures. Here is the big news - we did so without ever taking a deposition. So the first settlement was based on your video alone. The remaining insurers are now reaching out to us to discuss settlement. Thanks for all you do and continue to do for this family."

Scott J Chafin, Jr.Gregorio Chafin Johnson

 Mitchell and Catie, we are very pleased with this film. It was moving and powerful. Expect to hear from us soon about our next case."

Randal W. LeneaveHunegs, LeNeave & Kvas

 ​$166 million verdict. This is the largest personal injury verdict in New Jersey history. Thanks for your work on this case. The video was very powerful."

David MazieMazie Slater Katz Freeman

 ​Excellent work. Thanks Catie and Mitch. This is incredibly powerful and very much appreciated."

Daryl ZazlowEichen Crutchlow Zaslow & McElroy

 I just watched the video. Very Powerful. You successfully navigated through all the sand traps we were worried about in this case. Many thanks to you and Catie. We are very pleased with this product as well the time and care you took with our family."

Michael BergerMicheal Berger - Andres & Berger

 They are in a different league. I’ve learned so much about what to expect from video from Mitch & Catie. They are filmmakers so they just deliver a far superior product. If you need video, this is your company."

Tom VesperWestmoreland Vesper Schwartz & Quattrone

 Thanks again Mitch and Catie. Excellent work.. You always go above and beyond. I only want to work with you."

Beth BaldingerMazy Slater Katz Freeman

 We settled this one too…The family was very happy and will be comfortable for the rest of their lives. Thank you for all of your hard work on this."

David FreemanMazie Slater Katz and Freeman

 I would trust only two people with this case...one is Steven Spielberg, the other is Mitchell Riggs."

Justin BlitzSchulman Blitz

 ​Mitchell and Catie are incredibly talented. Instead of doing our opening schpiel at the mediation, we played the video. We are happy to report that the case settled for $1,950,000 and our client is thrilled. If you are thinking about the possibility of doing a mediation/settlement video in one of your cases, we highly recommend Mitchell Riggs of LifeNow Video.  Please mention that you were referred by me and Justin."

Fred SchulmanSchulman Blitz

 I am seriously blown away. This was amazing! I don’t want to change anything at all."

Edward CiarimboliFellerman&Ciarimboli

 Our mediator, with 30 years of experience, said that this was the best mediation film he had ever seen. This was excellent work, Mitchell. The film provided a whole new level of personalization to this case. Thank you for all of your hard work and collaboration on this case."

Carol ShepherdFeldman Shepherd Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock Dodig

 There’s really not enough words to explain how amazing and important this video is. I watched the video last night and was literally blown away. Hats off to you guys. I feel like a lot of cases become a formality to lawyers in terms of paperwork and they forget about the real life struggles the client faces because they don’t see it or live it. It’s just something that can’t be relayed through paperwork no matter how hard you try. This is such an important video as it tells a story the paper can’t."

Dylan T Macgregor.jpgMcDonald & MacGregor

 Catie, we settled for 5.75 mil. I can't thank you & Mitchell enough. Even the mediator said the video was very powerful."

Jessie C KlaprothKlaproth Law

 I just rewatched the video. So so good. I don’t have any suggestions. I think it’s amazing work. Thank you."

James BiggartMorgan&Morgan

 This was a record Settlement in Utah for a medical Malpractice case. Thanks again for your work and caring for these people."

Charles ThronsonParsons Behle & Latimer

 The amount of the settlement is confidential, but you should know that your work on this case made a meaningful difference for our client’s life. As a result of the video, the insurance adjuster was already crying when she met our client at the outset of the mediation. The defense attorney told us afterwards that the video was probably responsible for well over half a million dollars in additional compensation to the family beyond where he originally valued the case. The family could not stop gushing about how great Mitchell was to work with. They were very nervous before the shoot, but you made them feel so much more comfortable. They felt at ease with you. They expressed all the gratitude in the world that you could give them a means to share how they felt about their loved one in a way that would make an impact."

Robert​ C.T ReedAllen & Allen

 I could not more strongly recommend LifeNow Video. They understand telling stories for trial. Their work is impeccable."

Mike SabbethSabbeth Law

 I just wanted to thank you again. The feedback from the mediator who has mediated thousands of cases was that the video was the best he had ever seen. So that is a nice start."

Christopher MaleyMaley & Maley

 People often say “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  LifeNow takes this time old quote to the highest level possible. While their film contained words, it was their cinematography that captured the essence of my clients loss and what the client and her family had been left with after devastating injuries.  When their settlement film was provided to the insurance carrier, the carrier’s tone changed, and they finally became serious about the risks of the case. "

Kevin ColuccioColuccio Law

 I just rewatched the video. So so good. I don’t have any suggestions. I think it’s amazing work. Thank you."

James BiggartMorgan&Morgan

 SO GOOD. I am so excited I’m doing backflips in my seat watching this. Wow. Awesome. Bravo. Huge thank you…"

Tyson LoganThe Spence Firm