Not just for Damages

"But I Only Want to Film Damages"

There is a common belief that we should not be discussing "Liability" in a "Damages" film for mediation. 

In trial the rules are the rules, but for mediation we have an opportunity to explore your case in much more detail. This is a big opportunity.

After we get to know you Plaintiff and appreciate their injuries, why leave before exploring the events that got us here? 

Anger plays a big part in the wheels of justice; denying your client (and yourself) this tool in framing, denies your case the context it deserves. 

If we have a feeling about this video, so will a jury when you present the case in trial. 

We understand the liability context of any big case is fluid. We won't box you in. But if you think you only want to explore damages in a mediation video, let's talk more.